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Research tools for professional fundraisers helps professional fundraisers find new prospects 
helping you turn prospects into partners

Our Story

The charity was established in 2011 when two trust fundraising specialists got together to comprehensively research every new grant maker set up on the Charity Commission, so that others wouldn't have to do it too. During that year we established and launched our flagship publication, the Trust List

The Trust List is a monthly electronic publication sent straight to your inbox

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The Trust List contains a monthly summary of every new grant making organisation relevant to fundraising professionals, typically around 70-100 new grant makers per month. Around a third picked are up through prospect research.

Subscribers receive 12 monthly PDFs, along with a spreadsheet so you can more easily manipulate relevant data into your own fundraising database. 

Our annual subscription to The Trust List is £330+VAT (£27.50+VAT pcm) and includes a FREE complimentary edition of our annual publication, Top Trusts worth £199.

Top Trusts is our annual publication highlighting the top 100 new grant makers

set up over the course of that year

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Each year we see around 350 - 400 new grant makers highlighted in our monthly publications as being particularly wealthy. We carry out additional prospect research to whittle that list down to the top 100 or so in any given year and provide that research in our annual publication, Top Trusts. 

We regularly list a plethora of billionaires, as well as those who's wealth is valued in the £100m+ range, so that you can quickly and easily find those most aligned with your charity's cause. 

Top Trusts is released in April and includes the wealthiest new grant makers of the preceding year, making it an indispensable tool for those who don't have time to research new funders on a monthly basis (as provided with the Trust List).

Top Trusts can be purchased in the shop for £199+VAT, but please note a subscription to our monthly Trust List comes with a complimentary edition of Top Trusts.

Each year over 1,000 grant makers are set up in England and Wales
We carry out prospect research on all of them then share our findings with subscribers

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We help you find the funders you need

Ruth (Educational charity) said:
"Very useful for building your portfolio and I’ve found it more cost effective than other databases.  Everything you get from the Trust List is new. I find loads of new prospects every month"

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