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The 100 funders included in this directory represent the wealthiest that were set up over the course of the year. 2016 was significantly busier than recent years, with 33% more new grant makers than 2015.
There was also an increase in the wealth of people setting up trusts, with a 444% increase on 2015. Last year we estimated total wealth of those included in Top Trusts at £13bn. This year it is just over £59bn.
2015 saw the highest level of trust giving ever (£2.7bn), beating the value set in 2008, but not in real terms. It is highly likely that giving over 2016 exceeded our previously highest peak in real terms.
76 newly established trusts have trustees with significant wealth, including:
• 9 with billionaires
• 29 with individuals worth over £100 million
• 76 with individuals worth over £10 million


With in-depth research on each, how many could be supporting your charity?

Top Trusts 2016

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