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Why buy the Trust List?

The Trust List contains a summary of every new grant maker relevant to fundraising professionals set up in the previous month.


Annual subscriptions of The Trust List is £330+VAT, equivalent to just £27.50+VAT per month. Just think about your budget total, and how much you're expected to raise per hour, we're sure you'll agree this represents excellent value for money and a great use of your resources. Subscriptions include 12 downloadable PDF editions of The Trust List, plus a monthly spreadsheet so you can easily transfer relevant prospects into your own fundraising database. 

An Annual subscription also includes a free copy of Top Trusts (worth £199 + VAT).

Shorter subscriptions to The Trust List and bespoke prospect lists are available on request. Email for prices. Previous Trust Lists and Top Trusts are available from the Shop.

What our customers say

"What I like about the Trust List is that our first approach to any appropriate trust is like an introduction of our work to them (while some of them are still forming their donation-giving criteria), and we reapproach them a year later, hoping for a positive response.   We had £5,000 from a new trust on your list last year, and this year the same 'new' trust gave us £8,500, so really worth doing!"

Ruth - an educational charity 

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